Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Suggested California names for Apple’s macOS

Apple on Monday announced that its latest Mac computer operating system will be called macOS Sierra, after the mountain range.
Apple started naming its Mac operating systems after California landmarks in 2013 with Mavericks. The next two annual releases were called Yosemite and El Capitan.
Apple reportedly has registered trademarks on a host of possible names including Redwood, Mammoth, Sequoia, Mojave and Ventura.
Here are some suggestions that Apple is unlikely to choose for future macOS releases:
  • Alcatraz (former maximum security federal prison)
  • Donner Pass (where the ill-fated Donner Party resorted to cannibalism to survive)
  • Emerald Triangle (Northern California region known for its illegal marijuana production)
  • La Brea (after the famous tar pits in Los Angeles)
  • Loma Prieta (location of the devastating 1989 earthquake)
  • Lompoc (known for its federal prison)
  • Neverland Ranch (home of late entertainer and accused child molester Michael Jackson)
  • Porter Ranch (site of a massive natural gas leak and environmental disaster)
  • San Andreas (the earthquake-prone fault line)
  • South Central (a crime-ridden section of Los Angeles)
  • Spahn Ranch (home base for the murderous Manson family)
Engadget suggested a few more unlikely candidates, including The 405, Compton, Muscle Beach and Tenderloin.
Macworld UK took the exercise a bit more seriously and suggested Hollywood and Long Beach, among others. But Death Valley seems to be a humorous pick.

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