Friday, May 1, 2009

Celebrating failure on the Web

The blogosphere is a cruel place. Bloggers revel in other people’s misfortunes and mistakes. Schadenfreude is the name of the game.
I’ve come across a number of Web sites lately that celebrate failure.
Fail Blog is one of my favorites. It takes great relish in posting pictures and videos that mock people who've done stupid things. It’s a sister site of I Can Has Cheezburger, the popular site for funny cat photos and captions. Fail Blog has been nominated this year for a Webby Award.
(See sample Fail Blog photo above.)
ICHC also runs a photo blog called Engrish Funny, which makes fun of humorous foreign translation errors on signs, menus, T-shirts and elsewhere.
This is Photobomb celebrates the fine art of photo hijacking -- where someone spoils a photo shoot either intentionally or not.
Then there are the numerous snarky Web sites devoted to ridiculing celebrities and public figures. They mock their bodies, clothing choices, social missteps ... well, everything actually.

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