Thursday, May 21, 2009

JournalistTweets joins long list of services leveraging Twitter

JournalistTweets is another service that leverages the open infrastructure of microblogging service Twitter.
It aims to serve a niche audience, similar to the way StockTwits targets investors.
Well, at least they didn’t call it JournalistTwits.
JournalistTweets is described as “a Twitter directory of journalists by industry and country.” It’s a venture of media tracking service Cision. JournalistTweets uses Cision’s media database to gather journalists using Twitter.
I realize that JournalistTweets is still in beta or test mode, but it could use some improvement. For starters, it’s not a directory as advertised. There’s no way now to see a listing of all the journalists on the service or those that specialize in four categories -- business, entertainment, health and technology.
Like other tweet aggregators, it’s kind of a mess. It rewards quantity not quality. So those journalists who post a lot of tweets, get the best placement.
I’m on the service, but I only post one or two tweets a day when I’m active on Twitter. So my comments will get buried quickly by other posts on the modern-day bulletin board.
Cision needs to create ways for people to follow specific journalists within JournalistTweets, block others and discover new journalists. Then it might be useful.


jay.krall said...

Patrick, Jay from Cision here, thanks for your comments. We're currently working on some improvements to make more useful. I appreciate your feedback.

Patrick Seitz said...

I look forward to seeing those improvements. JournalistTweets has a lot of potential.

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