Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seductive Search should be called Gold Diggers

Seductive Search keeps popping up as a display ad when I check my Yahoo e-mail these days.
The ads feature sexy young ladies with the caption, “Young women looking for older men.”
Seriously? These online dating services will do practically anything to get people to sign up. They’re even targeting married men like me.
Generally young women looking for older men are gold diggers or have daddy issues. Either way I can’t see men being attracted to a service with women like that. But hey, I’m not the target audience. is owned by Neverblue Media of Victoria, British Columbia. Neverblue describes itself as a “global lead generation network that delivers millions of profitable customers to clients from all over the world.”
In a corporate video, Neverblue CEO Hakan Lindskog says, “Every month we deliver over a million qualified leads to our advertising clients.”
By any means necessary, based on the Seductive Search ads.
Neverblue is a subsidiary of Vertrue Inc., an Internet direct marketing services company.
Seductive Search is really just an advertising and marketing campaign that funnels “leads” or potential customers to Mate1 lists a lot of dating services on its Web site – for Asians, Blacks, Christians, Jews, seniors – but “young women looking for older men” isn’t one of them. is based in Montreal, Quebec.

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