Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Correcting disinformation on Twitter; this time about Netflix

A colleague of mine in IBD’s Silicon Valley office noted yesterday on Twitter that the large Netflix distribution center in Sunnyvale, Calif., had closed. But he got part of the story wrong.
He accurately reported that Netflix had relocated the regional distribution center to a cheaper location in Fremont, Calif. But the other operation at the Sunnyvale facility – the national processing center for all of Netflix’s new DVDs – was moved to Grove City, Ohio, not Iowa as he wrote.
This error isn’t on the scale of Patrick Swayze’s premature death notice, but Netflix fans might want to know.
Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey told me last week that Netflix moved out of Sunnyvale in a cost-savings move.
The new national operations center near Columbus also will be able to serve more of Netflix’s regional distribution centers faster than the West Coast location could. Netflix has 58 regional distribution centers nationwide to send DVDs to subscribers, usually overnight.
See story in the Columbus Dispatch.
Good news for movie fans who subscribe to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service.

Photo of Netflix’s Sunnyvale distribution center, taken in June 2006, by Hacking Netflix.

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