Friday, November 14, 2014

Humorous marijuana legalization artwork

The marijuana legalization movement has been aided by social media. People have used Facebook, Twitter and other online services to spread messages about the benefits of legalized pot. Often those messages come with humorous artwork.
What follows are some examples of those pieces of art.
CollegeHumor introduced Bubbles the Sloth as a marijuana mascot in its feature “If Drugs Had Mascots.”

DeviantArt user Ryan, aka Stareatthesun2, showed what a pack of Marlboro brand marijuana cigarettes would look like.

He also posted an ad for pot in the vein of Absolut vodka.

One Photoshop artist showed what a commercial marijuana business could look like by altering a McDonald’s restaurant sign.

One organization posted an informational poster showing that top-flight athletes Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt are marijuana users.

Earlier this week, I wrote that President Barack Obama should take the lead to legalize marijuana on the federal level. One artist altered an Obama Hope campaign poster to say “Yes We Can(nabis).”

A series of old-fashion style marijuana promotion posters have funny phrases like “Marijuana: Proud supporters of the snack food industry!”

And finally here’s how one anti-drug campaign was an epic fail.

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