Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tech-media-tainment turns 6

Six years ago today I decided to start blogging. I began Tech-media-tainment mostly as a writing exercise to learn about blogging and to discuss my varied interests in a journalistic way.
Unlike a lot of blogs out there, I always intended to write for a larger audience. I wasn’t going to do an online diary or family journal. I wanted to use my journalism skills to write about things I couldn’t in my day job as a technology business writer.
Tech-media-tainment is a catch-all blog that discusses “entertainment, pop culture, personal technology and media,” as the description says. I look for angles that I don’t see presented elsewhere in the online media.
The blog is hosted on Blogger, Google’s free blogging platform. Much of the traffic for articles on the site comes from Google searches.
To date, Tech-media-tainment, aka TMT, has generated nearly 1.81 million pageviews for 1,080 posts since Nov. 6, 2008.
Nearly 61% of visits to TMT have come from the U.S. Canada is second with 4.6% of pageviews, followed by U.K. (3.8%), Australia (3.1%) and India (2.2%).
Far and away the most popular blog items on TMT have been about the Lingerie Football League, now called the Legends Football League. Web surfers are particularly interested in “wardrobe malfunctions” among the female athletes. I haven’t written on the subject in a long time, but those articles still generate significant traffic.
I’ve become a less frequent poster to TMT over the years.
In my first full year of blogging (2009), I averaged 6.2 blog items a week. That slipped to 4.3 a week the next year and 3 a week in 2011. This year, I’m averaging 2.4 items a week.
But hopefully the quality of the items is better now than in the high volume years.

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