Monday, November 24, 2014

Kim Kardashian magazine cover generates a buttload of jokes

Kim Kardashian’s naked photo on the cover of Paper magazine generated a lot of conversation, news articles and jokes.
It is likely to be the most talked-about magazine cover of 2014. And that was the plan.
The magazine’s editor said he wanted to “break the Internet” with the buzzworthy, bare-butt photo of the reality TV star. He didn’t do that, but he generated loads of free publicity.
What follows is a roundup of jokes from late-night comedians about the magazine cover.
“The editor of Paper said, ‘For our winter issue, we gave ourselves one assignment: Break the Internet.’ Well, it may not have broken the Internet, but it definitely put a crack in it.” - Jimmy Kimmel
“After a six-year battle, the Senate will vote to begin construction on the Keystone XL pipeline next week, which is an oil pipeline that runs from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Yeah, they’re hoping the pipe will provide enough oil to cover Kim Kardashian’s next photo shoot. (‘LOT of oil, It comes from somewhere.’)” - Jimmy Fallon
“Researchers at Google have developed image-recognition software that can accurately caption what’s happening in a photo. Although it still has some bugs, cuz it described Kim Kardashian’s recent photo as ‘Woman being chased by two butterball turkeys.’ I could see where they made that error.” - Jimmy Fallon
“This week China and the U.S. reached an historic agreement to cut carbon emissions, the leader of ISIS may have been killed in an airstrike, and a spacecraft landed on a comet 300 million miles away … but dat ass tho.” (Photo of Kim Kardashian) - Michael Che on Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update”
“The cover for the latest issue of Paper Magazine featuring the naked pictures of Kim Kardashian was viewed online by more than 16 million people. So thank you Kim. I can now find porn just Googling the word ‘Paper.”” - Michael Che
“The 2015 Obamacare open enrollment period began today and President Obama urged Americans to ‘spread the word’ and check their insurance options on Except they can’t because someone broke the Internet. Okay, I promise. That was the last one.” - Colin Jost on Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update”
“Some people are saying that Kim Kardashian’s nude photo is actually a positive feminist statement. Those people are called ‘husbands caught looking at it.’” - Conan O'Brien
“The European Space Agency successfully landed a probe on a comet that was moving 41,000 miles per hour. Meanwhile, here in America, we successfully landed a champagne glass on Kim Kardashian’s ass.” - Conan O'Brien
“Three astronauts returned to Earth after spending 165 days aboard the International Space Station. They said there were three things they could see from space – the Great Wall of China, the Amazon Rainforest, and that photo of Kim Kardashian’s naked butt.” - Conan O'Brien
A parody Twitter account written from the perspective of Kim’s daughter, North West, featured a couple of choice tweets about the cover. One showed how Kim wants to be a “cool mom” and another features animation of Kim’s ballooning buttocks.
Us Magazine did a roundup of funny tweets about the Paper cover, which became an Internet meme.
Ikea poked fun at the cover by advertising a wide swivel armchair it said would be perfect for big-booty Kim.

Photos: Jimmy Kimmel joke from Huffington Post (top); the Kim Kardashian cover of Paper (bottom, pun intended).

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