Saturday, November 15, 2014

Marijuana lifestyle starts getting mainstream media coverage

With the political winds changing, the mainstream media has shifted its coverage of marijuana from law enforcement and the War on Drugs to the marijuana lifestyle and business.
After Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012, the Denver Post started a marijuana section. The website currently features advertisements for Sticky Buds, a Denver pot dispensary; and a cannabis conference called Indo Expo, which has the motto “Where green is the new gold.”
In Washington state, which also legalized pot in 2012, the Seattle Times has a blog called The Evergreen.
NBC News has an online news page called Legal Pot.
The Huffington Post has a section called Huff Post Marijuana.
CNN has announced plans to do a series on the business of marijuana called “High Profits.” The show will launch in 2015 and cover the “moguls of marijuana,” EW reported.
Libertarian magazine Reason has done extensive coverage of the marijuana legalization debate. Its writing on the subject is top notch.
Of course, these are good times for niche publications focused on marijuana, including High Times, Cannabis News,, Weedist and Ganjapreneur.

Photo: Complimentary bag of Doritos handed out by the Seattle Police Department at Seattle Hempfest in August. (Photo by Cannabis Culture.)

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