Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Favorite websites in review, part 10

These websites were featured on Tech-media-tainment. So they bear the TMT stamp of approval.

226. Movie Title Stills Collection (annyas.com/screenshots)
227. The Final Image (finalimageblog.com)
228. Famous Objects from Classic Movies
229. Google Street Scene
230. Quiet Earth (quietearth.us)
231. No. 1 Song on Your Birthday (playback.fm/birthday-song)
232. What Ridiculous Food Day Is Your Birthday?
233. Sad Kanye (sadkanye.tumblr.com)
234. This Charming Charlie (thischarmingcharlie.tumblr.com)
235. Inspirational Rap Lyrics (inspirationalrap.tumblr.com)
236. Selfies at Serious Places (selfiesatseriousplaces.tumblr.com)
237. Lady Parts (someladyparts.com)
238. Endorsement Bombing
239. TL;DR Wikipedia
240. Sleeping MIT Students (sleepingmitstudents.tumblr.com)
241. Napping All Over Rutgers (runapping.tumblr.com)
242. Ephs Sleeping In Public
243. White Boys in Salmon Shorts (whiteboysinsalmonshorts.tumblr.com)
244. Humanitarians of Tinder (humanitariansoftinder.com)
245. Signs from the Near Future (signsfromthenearfuture.tumblr.com)
246. WTF Comcast (wtfcomcast.tumblr.com)
247. Pendleton Ward’s Cartoon Tumblr (pwcartoons.frederator.com)
248. Wrong Hands (wronghands1.wordpress.com)
249. Song Lyrics in Chart Form (songlyricsinchartform.tumblr.com)
250. Candy Wrapper Archive (candywrapperarchive.com)

Photos from Song Lyrics in Chart Form (top) and Google Street Scene from "Goodfellas."

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