Saturday, March 21, 2015

Funny pop music diagrams

I love humorous graphics that diagram pop music songs.
Up top is a favorite of mine from cartoonist John Atkinson called “Anatomy of songs,” which he posted on his Wrong Hands blog in July 2014.
The pop music portion appears to have been inspired by an Internet meme that first cropped up online about three years ago on Reddit and elsewhere. It showed a modern pop song interspersed with rapper Pitbull saying weird things.

Pitbull is an easy target and has been parodied quite often online.

Atkinson followed up his original cartoon in January with “Anatomy of more songs.”

Recently I discovered a blog called Song Lyrics in Chart Form from comedian Erik Tanouye.
Instead of poking fun at genres, he diagrams the lyrical content of individual pop songs.
I’ve posted a few examples below.

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