Monday, March 23, 2015

Niche websites: Candy bar wrappers, soda cans, comic book covers, etc.

The World Wide Web is full of websites devoted to niche topics, which is great. I appreciate the dedication of people who maintain online resources in specific areas of interest.
What follows are a few particularly interesting ones.

Candy Wrapper Archive

The Candy Wrapper Archive is a collection of standard and king-sized candy wrappers. The archivist started collecting them in 1983 and began digitizing them in 2008.
As a candy lover, I enjoy looking at the variety of wrappers, including such favorites as 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth and Snickers.

Evolution of Soft Drink Cans

Leibold, a branding, marketing and packaging design company, put together a photo gallery and article about the “evolution of soft drink cans.”
As a soda lover (hey, I have a sweet tooth), it’s fun to look at how beverages like 7Up, Coca-Cola and others have changed their can designs over the years.
Visual News adapted the photos for its own article on the subject. And so did BuzzFeed.

Cover Browser

Cover Browser displays galleries of comic book covers as well as covers from books, video games and other materials. Created in 2006, the website has more than 455,000 covers.
I enjoy browsing through covers for “The Amazing Spider-Man” from when I was a kid.

RadioShack Catalogs

RadioShack Catalogs provides an archive of catalogs from the consumer electronics store chain from 1939 to 2005.
Check out this 1985 catalog entry for the TRS-80 portable computer. Brings back memories.


Logonoid has collected a large gallery of company logos, brand logos and trademarks. It has over 7,100 logos in 33 categories, from airlines to watches.

The Museum of Bags

The Museum of Bags showcases bags as icons of culture and history. The collection has more than 7,000 pieces ranging from retail to political bags.

Porn Parody

Porn Parody keeps track of the adult entertainment industry’s penchant for parodies of mainstream movies, TV shows and real-life politicians and celebrities. (Warning: The website contains nudity and sexual content.)

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