Monday, March 16, 2015

Find the No. 1 song on the day you were born

After covering some interesting websites related to movies and TV shows, let’s turn to some fun websites related to pop music.

No. 1 Song on Your Birthday

The website has an app that can tell you the No. 1 song in the country on the day you were born and also for the week you were likely conceived.
For instance, on the day I was born the No. 1 song was “Soldier Boy” (1962) by the Shirelles. The week I was likely conceived the No. 1 song was “Tossin’ and Turnin”” (1961) by Bobby Lewis.
I wish someone would put together a similar website for the top movie at the box office on your birthday and maybe the top-rated TV show.
On a similar note, another website can tell you: What Ridiculous Food Day Is Your Birthday?

Everyone Gets Sad Sometimes, Even Kanye

The Sad Kanye blog on Tumblr shows how sullen pop music artist Kanye West is about life.
The blog – officially called Everyone Gets Sad Sometimes, Even Kanye – shows what a glum, miserable person West is. (See article by the Huffington Post.)

This Charming Charlie

The Tumblr blog This Charming Charlie mashes Peanuts comic strips with song lyrics from Morrissey and the Smiths.
The blog is the work of graphic designer Lauren LoPrete. (See article by the Huffington Post.)
The blog successfully fended off copyright takedown notices from record label Universal Music, which doesn’t understand the concept of fair use. (See article by Techdirt.)

Inspirational Rap Lyrics

The Tumblr blog Inspirational Rap Lyrics combines uplifting images with raunchy rap lyrics. The results are comical.

Photos from Sad Kanye, This Charming Charlie and Inspirational Rap Lyrics.

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