Monday, October 31, 2016

Badass Little Red Riding Hood: Wolf slayer

Most depictions of Little Red Riding Hood by pop-culture artists today show her as either a damsel in distress or a seductress. But another subgenre of fairytale artwork depicts her as a badass Big Bad Wolf slayer, who’s also super sexy.
Here are a few examples of Little Red as the hunter not the prey.
Canadian comic-book artist Jamie Tyndall has done several portrayals of Red as a kick-ass wolf killer who wears skimpy outfits. (See examples above and below.)

Artist Michael Dooney showed Red as a steampunk wolf warrior.

Illustrator Scott Blair presented Red as badass chic with two handguns.

Pinup illustrator Mike DeBalfo depicted Red lying on a wolf skin rug in front of a fireplace.

Digital illustrator Jeff Wack drew Red as an Adriana Lima lookalike packing a pistol.

And finally, U.K. illustrator Matt Dixon showed Red using Negan’s weapon of choice, a baseball bat, to dispatch the Big Bad Wolf.

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