Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood artwork

Wrapping up my series on modern portrayals of Little Red Riding Hood, I’m going to review how pop-culture artists like to sexualize the fairytale character.
Many of the artists covered here are the usual suspects from my previous reports on sexy fairytale character depictions.
As is my custom, I’ll start with comic-book artist J. Scott Campbell. He has produced several Little Red illustrations for his Fairytale Fantasies calendars. (Samples up top and below.)

Chilean artist Carlos Valenzuela presented Little Red as a throw-back pin-up girl with a tamed Big Bad Werewolf.

The Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series has created many versions of sexy Red Riding Hood. Here are two works by Los Angeles-based artist Eric Basaldua.

Artist Elias Chatzoudis also has tried his hand at making sexy Red Riding Hood artwork.

Indiana-based artist Corey Knaebel made a seductive version of Red.

Digital pin-up artist Keith Garvey created a lingerie-clad Red Riding Hood.

Italian artist Pasquale Qualano illustrated a scantily-dressed Little Red.

Artist Yigit Koroglu showed how Red tamed the Big Bad Wolf with her sexy lingerie.

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