Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood, a Halloween staple

Before it became a cliche to make every possible Halloween costume sexy (sexy Harambe, anyone?), adult women have been tarting it up as sexy fairytale characters for the holiday.
Among the 50 most popular Halloween costumes this year, according to Google Frightgeist, are Little Red Riding Hood (No. 31), Tinker Bell (No. 36), Princess Jasmine (No. 42), and Belle (No. 46).
This year, fairytale characters have taken a back seat to comic book characters for women wanting to tramp it up on Halloween. Harley Quinn is No. 1, followed by Wonder Woman (No. 5) and Poison Ivy (No. 17).
But fairytale characters are perennials.
Here are some Little Red Riding Hood costumes available for purchase online.

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