Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A notebook computer for AIG millionaires

With unemployment rising, investments and home values falling, and consumer confidence in the dumps, Dell has decided that now is a good time to launch a high-fashion luxury notebook computer.
Dell’s new Adamo notebook starts at $2,000. It’s billed as the world’s thinnest notebook computer at 0.65 inches thick. The 4-pound personal computer is sleek, stylish and being marketed as though it were expensive perfume or a fur coat.
Black-and-white ads feature gaunt runway models in haute couture posing with the laptop as if it were a martini or pricey purse.
I know the perfect market for these new notebook computers – all those Wall Street bankers and insurers who’ve taken millions in taxpayer-funded bailout money to use as bonuses for their poor performance.
The executives at bailed-out insurer American International Group who recently took $165 million in bonuses using federal rescue funds should all buy Adamo by Dell notebooks. It would go nicely with their Apple iPhones running the I Am Rich application.

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