Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spam e-mail still a booming business despite the current recession

Spammers haven’t taken a break during the recession. Unwanted commercial e-mail, or spam, accounts for 86% of all e-mail traffic, according to Symantec’s March report on the “State of Spam.”
That explains all the penis-enlargement, Viagra, luxury watch and weight-loss e-mail pitches I’m still getting. (Sample ad above.)
The comedy news Web site, Onion News Network, has posted a video that says 90% of spam e-mail comes from a little known Eastern European country called Koy4Goff. (I’ve posted the video on sister site One Stop Video.)
Actually, according to Symantec, the U.S. is the source of 25% of spam e-mail received here. That’s the most of any country. Brazil was second with 9%, followed by India with 5%.

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