Monday, March 30, 2009

Senior correspondent reports on bizarre animals created with Adobe Photoshop

Tech-media-tainment’s senior correspondent filed this next report.
And by senior, I mean senior citizen, since it was my mom. And it’s not so much a report as an e-mail that she forwarded to me from her cousin.
Usually she sends me cute animal photos or alarming news reports that turn out to be false (thank you,
Today she e-mailed me a bunch of wacky Photoshopped chimeras – different animals merged together such as a bird with the head of a wolf or a dog with the head of an eagle.
Her comment with the e-mail was “This is really something – Mother.” I guess that counts as a report for Tech-media-tainment.
She’s right, the photos are pretty amazing. Posted above are several samples. They’re from Get it? A picture is worth a thousand words. Worth1000 is a Web site that sponsors contests for digital artists. It was created by the founders of Aviary, a privately held company based in Long Island, N.Y., that makes software tools for graphic designers.

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