Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web videos need a respected aggregator

The Web is full of entertaining videos, but I usually don’t see them unless someone sends me a link.
The problem is that those interesting videos are hidden like Easter eggs around the Web. You have funny user-generated content and mash-ups on YouTube, original comedy on FunnyOrDie and the Onion News Network, “Saturday Night Live” shorts on Hulu, and other videos scattered elsewhere.
What this situation is crying out for is a respected aggregator, a TV Guide for the Web. I have yet to find a Web site that fits the bill. I would have thought TV Guide or EW.com would have stepped up to do it, but no. Sites are either pushing their own content or are cluttered with a lot of crap videos.
Just for grins, I’ve started a separate Web site on Google’s Blogger to embed some of my favorite videos and provide links to others. The site is called One Stop Video. For now, it’s just an experiment.
A word of caution, however, some of these videos are rated R for language and content. I’ll post ratings for each video.

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