Tuesday, September 7, 2010

American public sours on Obama

When Barack Obama was elected president, he became a pop culture icon. His image sold posters, comic books, trading cards and T-shirts.
His image is still selling T-shirts, but the sentiment has turned from hope and optimism to disappointment and resentment. The samples above and below from ThoseShirts.com are representative of T-shirts you see for sale online these days.
Perhaps it was his pursuit of a national health care overhaul instead of focusing on the worsening economy that soured the American populous.
His approval ratings have tanked. Right after his inauguration in January 2009, 68% approved of the job Obama was doing, while 21% disapproved, according to Gallup. In a Sept. 3-5 poll, just 44% approved of the job he is doing, while 49% disapproved.
And now he says he’s focused on the economy.

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