Friday, September 24, 2010

I’m eighty-sixing ‘Hawaii Five-0’

I’ve decided to remove “Hawaii Five-0” from my TV watch list after viewing the series premiere this week.
The pilot validated my concerns about the show going in. This reboot replaced the serious and suspenseful tone of the original show, which ran 1968-80, with a standard issue buddy cop show.
The producers of the new “Hawaii Five-0” cast aside gritty realism for fast-paced, hard-to-believe storytelling with plenty of light-hearted humor. The pilot was an origins story for the special task force and provided backgrounds of all the principals. I would have preferred being dropped into an interesting investigation and learn about the characters as we go along. The whole episode felt forced.
Plus, I have problems with the stunt casting of familiar faces Daniel Dae Kim (“Lost”) and Grace Park (“Battlestar Galactica”). The original show cast Hawaiian actors in those supporting roles for authenticity.
I miss Jack Lord’s stoicism and steely-eyed determination as the original Steve McGarrett. Alex O’Loughlin doesn’t have the same gravitas.
The only bright spot is Scott Caan as Detective Dan Williams. He’s terrific.

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