Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mainstream media not showing Lingerie Football the love, but John Pozadzides is

Three weeks into the second season of the Lingerie Football League, the nascent sport is generating scant coverage in the mainstream press.
A search of Google News finds very little coverage of the LFL, which features attractive female athletes playing tackle football in bras and panties. There’s no serious coverage of the games or the sport. But there are a lot of photo galleries from bloggers and the alternative press.
Recent galleries include a pictorial of the Seattle Mist LFL team by the Seattle Weekly and photos of the Chicago Bliss season opener by NBC Chicago.
John Pozadzides, a technology executive who writes One Man’s Blog, recently posted 385 photos from the Sept. 3 LFL game between the San Diego Seduction and the Dallas Desire at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Check out his photos on Flickr or his blog.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, his article would make a good piece in the Economist.

Photos by John Pozadzides. (See links.)

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