Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friending Googlegangers on Facebook

In July, I wrote about how I had “0 friends” on Facebook and planned on keeping it that way.
Well, I’ve changed my mind.
Now I only want to friend people who share my name. There are more than 50 men named Patrick Seitz on Facebook. We’re brothers in name and heritage.
Some day we might have to battle to the death “Highlander”-style, because “there can be only one.” But the time of the Quickening may never come. So relax, everybody, and put away your broadswords.
People who share your name on the Internet are called Googlegangers, which is a play on Google and doppelgänger. In fiction, doppelgangers are evil lookalikes.
I hope none of these Googlegangers are my evil twins. At least none of them look like me, that I’ve seen so far.
Tonight I’ve sent friend request to 53 men named Patrick Seitz on Facebook.
Let’s see what happens.

Update: I eventually became Facebook friends with about 35 Patrick Seitzes. But ultimately I got bored with the project and unfriended them.

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