Thursday, September 2, 2010

Digg botches launch of new website, but has recovered

Social bookmarking website Digg stumbled badly recently with the launch of a new version of its website.
For years, Digg has been a favorite place online for people to find and share interesting articles, photos and videos. I scan the categories (particularly entertainment and technology) occasionally looking for popular posts that interest me. I also use Digg to save fun and informative articles and media for myself.
But the online world has changed a lot since Digg first started in December 2004.
It’s easier for people now to hit the Facebook “Like” button on an article than it is to walk through the steps of submitting it to Digg. Twitter, Google and Yahoo also offer ways for people to share their favorites.
In response to the changing online landscape, Digg unveiled a redesigned site Aug. 25 that upset a lot of long-time users.
The thing I found most distressing was how slow and buggy the new Digg was. I repeatedly got error messages when Digg couldn’t process my requests. (See screenshot below.)
Also, rival Reddit took advantage of flaws in the new Digg to take over the main page with submissions from its website.
The good news is that a week after the debut of the new Digg, things appear to be settling down. Crummy Reddit links aren’t spamming the main page and I’m not getting error messages anymore. And the quality of the submissions has improved greatly.
I still like Digg. Hopefully the glitches are behind it.

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