Monday, October 24, 2011

5 more fun Tumblr blogs

Following yesterday’s post featuring 10 fun and interesting Tumblr blogs, here are five more worth checking out.

Animals Being Dicks

Animals Being Dicks features silly animated GIFs of animals being jerks.
The Next Web interviewed the blog’s creator in August.

Starbucks Spelling

Starbucks Spelling is a blog that offers “a collection of misspelled names from the inventors of the ‘Frappuccino.’”

The Lisa Simpson Book Club

The Lisa Simpson Book Club features images of “Simpsons” cartoon character Lisa Simpson reading books.

Posing With Friends

Posing With Friends is a photo blog featuring people imitating tourists taking pictures.

Unnecessary Journalism Phrases

Unnecessary Journalism Phrases “was created to showcase linguistic crutches journalists employ. Each entry looks at a particular phrase, an unnecessary one, if you will, and links to the offending article.”
This blog got a nice write-up by Poynter.

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