Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tech-media-tainment reaches milestone of a half-million page views

Tech-media-tainment today crossed the milestone of 500,000 page views. That’s not bad for a personal blog that isn’t quite three years old.
I’d like to think Web surfers come for my scintillating commentary on libertarian issues like abolishing the Transportation Security Administration or legalizing marijuana. But the truth is that they’re more interested in seeing pretty ladies.
The most-read blog posts at TMT are those where I curate wardrobe malfunctions in the Lingerie Football League. Go figure.
I started covering that topic as a lark, but now I’m in it for the page views.
So expect more posts of female football players losing their bikini tops and bottoms in the near future. That’s quality journalism!

Photo: Chicago Bliss players take the field before the Sept. 2, 2011, LFL game against the Las Vegas Sin. This photo is from an excellent series of shots by MingH Photography on Flickr.


Col.Kurtz said...

As far as wardrobe malfunctions, it seems as though MTV2 is now censoring the games to a certain degree by airing it on 5 second delay.

Last week one player was being tackled and clearly her shorts were being pulled down. You saw it just as it started to come down. And then out of nowhere the entire screen cut to a full screen shot of a Twitter logo for about half a second causing the viewer to not see the whole play.

At first I thought it was just a coincidence. But it happened again this week. Just as a girl was grabbed from behind her shorts started to come down. You clearly saw it start to happen. Then out of nowhere the entire screen went black for half a second preventing the viewer from seeing the whole thing. It was really annoying because it destroyed a really good play.

I really don't think this could possibly be just chance that on 2 straight weeks, at the fraction of a second when some ass cheek was about to be seen the screen, in the middle of a play, cut to sosmething else.

I don't see why on a TV14 program, airing after 10:00 PM, on basic cable this should be a problem. NYPD Blue used to show actual bare ass on Prime Time Network TV.

Really annoying if they start cutting away to blank screens in the middle of plays.

Patrick Seitz said...

I haven't noticed that yet. But I'll keep my eye out for it. Thanks.

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