Monday, October 10, 2011

Netflix goes from beloved brand to laughingstock in just weeks

Missteps by online video service Netflix have turned a once-beloved brand into a laughingstock.
First, the company bungled its message about a rate increase on July 12. (See press release and company blog post.) Then, it tried to apologize but ended up enraging subscribers by splitting its DVD-by-mail service (to be called Qwikster) and streaming service on Sept. 18. (See company blog post.)
Finally, today Netflix flip-flopped and said it wouldn't go through with Qwikster and would keep the websites for the DVD and streaming services integrated. (See press release and company blog post.)
Comedians have had a field day with how Netflix confused and angered subscribers with its seemingly hasty decisions.
Netflix was parodied in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch on Oct. 1 and at on Oct. 6. Landline TV was out with a parody video on Sept. 19.
Cartoonists also dinged Netflix. The Joy of Tech (see above cartoon) and The Oatmeal were among those mocking Netflix in comics.
Netflix’s Qwikster service now ranks with Coca-Cola’s New Coke among major corporate blunders. Now Netflix must work to rebuild its reputation with consumers.

See Netflix parody videos at One Stop Video.

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