Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite websites in review, part 4

These websites have been featured on Tech-media-tainment and bear the TMT stamp of approval.
This is the fourth set of 25 favorite websites.

76. YourVersion (yourversion.com)
77. The Daily Patdown (thedailypatdown.com)
78. Cover It Live (coveritlive.com)
79. The Great Gatsby for NES (greatgatsbygame.com)
80. Shit My Kids Ruined (shitmykidsruined.com)
81. My Kid Is Gifted
82. The Nine Eyes of Google Street View (9-eyes.com)
83. Hanzi Smatter (hanzismatter.blogspot.com)
84. Born This Way Blog (borngaybornthisway.blogspot.com)
85. Asians Sleeping in the Library
86. SolarBeat (whitevinyldesign.com/solarbeat)
87. The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator
88. Ransom Note Generator
89. Wanna Feel Old?
90. Beloit College Mindset List (beloit.edu/mindset)
91. Man Tripping (mantripping.com)
92. Wikia (wikia.com)
93. TinEye (tineye.com)
94. Survey Monkey (surveymonkey.com)
95. Adventure Time official website
96. Adventure Time wiki on Wikia (adventuretimewithfinnandjake.wikia.com/wiki/Adventure_Time_with_Finn_and_Jake_Wiki)
97. Techmeme (techmeme.com)
98. Kuo Design – Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers (kuodesign.com/pineapple/coverme)
99. Very Special Girls - Warning: Contains nudity, mature content
100. Tumblr (tumblr.com)

Updates (March 17, 2013):
Since writing about TinEye in June 2011, I’ve switched to Google Images, which provides better reverse image search results. TinEye is still good, but Google’s image search is simply better.
My Kid Is Gifted is no longer available.
Asians Sleeping in the Library also is off-line.
The Daily Patdown hasn’t posted a new article since April 18, 2012.
Wanna Feel Old? hasn’t posted a new article since July 4, 2012.

Update (Feb. 17, 2014):
Ransom Note Generator is off line.
Tumblr is no longer a favorite website of mine, since it deleted my three blogs.

Update (June 15, 2014):
Wanna Feel Old? has taken down the interesting content that made it a favorite.

Art: The Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.”

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