Sunday, October 2, 2011

TSA-type screenings spreading like a disease

Football fans attending today’s NFL matchup of the Denver Broncos vs. the Green Bay Packers were inconvenienced by long lines as the Packers instituted new security screening procedures.
As the kickoff to Sunday’s Broncos-Packers game approached, “long lines of fans waiting to enter (Green Bay’s) Lambeau Field still stretched deep into the stadium’s parking lots,” the Associated Press reported.
The NFL is pushing for pat-downs at stadiums to improve fan safety, USA Today reports.
So, the practices of the reviled Transportation Security Administration have been adopted outside of the nation’s airports.
What’s next? Pat-downs before entering shopping malls or movie theaters?
Techdirt skewered the NFL’s decision to implement TSA-style security theater in a recent article. This is not a good trend for America.

Art: One of several funny TSA-related imprints for bumper stickers, coffee mugs and other products offered for sale by Zazzle.

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