Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hot Olympic Girls and other cool websites

Got the winter blues? If you’re a straight guy or lesbian, here are some websites that will get your blood pumping.

Hot Olympic Girls

Hot Olympic Girls is a website devoted to the gorgeous women competing in the Olympic games. It includes lots of photos and background information on the female athletes.

Sochi On Tinder 

Sochi On Tinder is a blog devoted to the dating profiles of athletes competing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Tinder, a smartphone app for men and women to hook up, has received a lot of press lately.

Sports Illustrated Swim Daily 

Sports Illustrated is covering the Olympic games in Sochi, but it also just released its annual swimsuit issue. Swim Daily is SI’s year-round website devoted to hot ladies in swimsuits.

Photos: Russian biathlon athlete Xenia Daskalova (from Hot Olympic Girls); and the Tinder profile of Spanish free skier Katia Griffiths (from Sochi On Tinder). 

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