Monday, February 17, 2014

Stuff Journalists Like and other fun journalism websites

As a journalist, I like to read websites that cover my profession. That includes both serious news sites and humorous ones.
I’ve previously written about Reflections of a Newsosaur, NewspaperAlum, Unnecessary Journalism Phrases and the defunct AngryJournalist.
I’m a big fan of Jim Romenesko and follow his extensive coverage of the news media on his Twitter feed and website. I also enjoy the newsy Twitter feed for The Media Is Dying by Paul Armstrong.
But I also like the lighter side of journalism. What follows are a few such websites I get a chuckle from.

Stuff Journalists Like

Stuff Journalists Like is a website, Twitter feed and Facebook page that likely only journalists would find funny. It’s the work of creator-editor Christopher Ortiz and editor-senior contributor David Young.
A few things that journalists like, according to a list on the website: free food, inverted pyramids, reporter’s notebooks, nut grafs, inches, complaining, sarcasm, being font snobs, the good old days, and leaving journalism.

Overheard in the Newsroom 

Overheard in the Newsroom posts humorous comments and conversations overheard in any newsroom.


Newswordy spotlights buzzwords and phrases that are more commonly used by the news media than regular folks. The website is curated by Josh Smith.
Recent words include ruminations, plaudits, intractable and galling.

Fake AP Stylebook

Fake AP Stylebook is a Twitter feed that parodies the AP Stylebook, which is the manual that most journalists rely on for proper spelling, terminology and other information.

Poynter’s Regret the Error

Regret the Error is a column on the Poynter Institute’s website. It “tracks accuracy, errors & the craft of verification.” That includes running embarrassing corrections that appeared in major publications.
Romenesko posts funny news bloopers on his Pinterest page.

Photo: Funny graphic from Stuff Journalists Like.

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