Friday, February 7, 2014

Sexy Snow White cosplay photos

Artists aren’t the only ones who like to sex up Snow White.
Snow White is a popular character for sexy Halloween costumes and cosplay (costume play) outfits.
What follows are some examples of sexy Snow White costumes I’ve seen online.
Leading off this article is a model wearing a Snow White outfit by Leg Avenue. It’s available on and other e-commerce sites.
Here’s a Storybook Snow White princess costume, available online from Forplay.

Below is a Deluxe Amour Snow White costume, available from various dealers on eBay.

Even celebrities like to dress up as naughty Snow White. Below is burlesque dancer, model and actress Dita Von Teese.

I like this interpretation of the character in “A Tale of Snow White” by German photographer Geraldine Lamanna. (See her work on DeviantArt and Gestiefeltekatze.) Pictured in the violet corset is model Concetta Mazza.

Snow White is also popular with fetish models and photographers.
Below is a photo of model Masuimi Max as Snow White.

And here’s a cheeky shot of Shalom Harlow as the fairytale princess. It’s from photographer Francois Nars’s photo book “X-Ray” (1999), according to Vogue.

Model and cosplay fan Jennifer Kairis takes on Snow White as well.

Here’s a tasty depiction of Snow White by photographer Ksenia Sazanovich.

Or check out this even fruitier pic by photographer Louis Panos.

And finally here’s a cosplay model as Snow White from the Cosplay Blog on Tumblr.

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