Monday, February 3, 2014

Sexy Snow White art

Pop culture artists love to sex up fairytale heroines. They enjoy adding mature overtones to familiar public domain characters. In the process, they take something innocent and childlike and make it naughty and adult.
I’ve previously written about sexy depictions of Cinderella and Tinker Bell.
Today I’ll review some sexy depictions of Snow White.
Why do artists find Snow White sexy? Maybe because she’s “the fairest one of all.” Or maybe because she’s so pure, making her a target for corrupting influences. Or maybe it’s the fact that she lives with seven men. Or maybe because she falls into a spell-induced slumber and men kiss her while she’s sleeping. Or perhaps taking a bite of the poisoned apple is like Eve and the forbidden fruit. Your guess is as good as mine. 
Anyway, here are some examples of sexy Snow White art.
No review of sexy Snow White artwork would be complete without mentioning the work of comic book artist J. Scott Campbell. He’s done many excellent Snow White depictions including some for his Fairytale Fantasies calendars. A sample of his work leads this article. (Other Snow White art by Campbell can be seen here and here.)
Other comic book artists have taken a crack at Snow White as well. Here are two covers from Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales comic.

Often Snow White is depicted with big breasts, such as in this drawing by Nathan Seals of NathansComicArt.

Or check out the killer curves in this Snow White art by Pasquale Qualano.

Artist Cris Delara shows the moment a scantily clad Snow White bites the cursed apple. You can see more of her wonderful work at DeviantArt and Delara Art.

Artist Virginie Sivetoh turned Snow White into a tattooed stripper, complete with nipple tassels and high-heeled shoes.

Some artists depict Snow White as a Goth or punk girl with lots of leather and metal. Check out the work below of Sakimi Chan at DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Then take a gander at this version of Snow White by Serge Birault. She’s no damsel in distress in this knife-wielding depiction. (More of his work is available at DeviantArt.)

Many other artists on DeviantArt draw Snow White in underwear, corsets or other skimpy clothing.

Consider this boudoir art of Snow White by Biaani on DeviantArt.

… or this buxom Snow White by Matthew Stewart on DeviantArt.

… or this bare-bottom Snow White by Pinky Pills on DeviantArt and Pinky Pills.

And finally, here's a version of Snow White with a skin-tight outfit by artist Deacon Black with color by Stacy Raven.

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