Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?: My new favorite niche website

My favorite high-concept website of the moment is Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?
It’s a Tumblr blog “dedicated to finding out who hot unknown actresses or models are in various television commercials.”
The website even takes user requests to determine who unknown advertising actresses are.
Some actors and actresses can really make an impact in a 30- or 60-second ad spot. I’m often curious to find out more about them, especially if they look familiar.
For me, that was the case with the actress in the catsuit in a recent Nationwide Insurance commercial. I found out it was Jana Kramer by searching online. And this was before I learned about WITHAG.
The website is sexist, of course, because it focuses only on attractive women. But that’s its specialty and it helps drive Web traffic. Plus, its title and content are search engine optimized.
Who Is That Hot Ad Girl? is a great idea for a niche website. In 2011, Tech-media-tainment got a lot of traffic for an article in which I identified the woman in the “De Blob 2” commercial as L.A.-based dancer Natasha Hugger.
WITHAG was started in February 2011, so it’s been around for three years.
“We started on Super Bowl Sunday in 2011 thinking a Tumblr about hot ad girls in commercials might be what the Internet deserves, and what it needs right now,” the unnamed founders said in a blog post.
So true.

Photo: Actress and country music singer Jana Kramer, who starred in a recent Nationwide Insurance commercial. 

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