Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2 years after Tumblr deleted my 3 blogs, I’m still angry

In May 2013, Tumblr shut down and deleted the contents of my three blogs with little advance notice.
Tumblr responded to a DMCA takedown request from a Canadian photographer who didn’t like that I had used a couple of his pictures to illustrate an interesting trend. Instead of simply removing the two pictures from one blog, Tumblr canceled my entire account and in the process shut down two other blogs that had no complaints against them.
Tumblr wasn’t interested in hearing my “fair use” appeal to its Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown. In fact, they never responded to my appeal or repeated emails. (Unless you count the notice I received from Tumblr more than a year after they deleted my blogs.)
Tumblr is notorious for its heavy-handed approach to copyright enforcement. This pleases copyright maximalists, but not those who believe in a liberal interpretation of copyright law in the Internet age.
Tumblr ranks dead last among online platforms in terms of protecting users from baseless copyright and trademark complaints, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. (See chart below.)
I’m not alone in experiencing Tumblr’s draconian DMCA enforcement. As I first noted in August 2013, Tumblr has deleted a number of high-profile blogs for questionable reasons.
A quick search on Google and Twitter reveals a number of people who have faced the same knee-jerk action by Tumblr in shutting down blogs for alleged DMCA violations.

Articles about Tumblr’s heavy-handed, user-unfriendly DMCA policy:

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Photos: Tumblr screenshot showing what a deleted Tumblr blog looks like (top); Twitter comments from Matthew Lawrence, Max S. and Eric Mortensen; and Who Has Your Back? chart from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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