Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sexy Little Mermaid, Ariel artwork

Pop culture artists on the Internet have a thing for fairytale princesses. One breed of artist likes to sex up fairytale ladies for adult audiences.
After documenting instances of sexy Snow White, Cinderella, Tinker Bell and Rapunzel artwork, I’m going to investigate sexy Little Mermaid or Ariel artwork.
Personally I don’t understand the appeal of sexy Little Mermaid art. After all, she’s half fish! Finding that sexy is kind of weird. It reminds me of a funny CollegeHumor sketch called “Maidmer.”
What follows is a review of some sexualized Little Mermaid art posted around the web.

Any review of sexy fairytale art should always begin with comic book artist J. Scott Campbell. He has drawn at least five versions of the not-so-Little Mermaid for his Fairytale Fantasies calendars. I’ve included two samples of his extraordinary work here. For more, check out his website and Deviant Art page.

Right behind Campbell in sexy fairytale art is Elias Chatzoudis. I’ve seen at least three of his drawings of the curvaceous Little Mermaid. In one, she covered her breasts with starfish, instead of the typical shell bikini top. Check out more of his artwork at his website and Deviant Art page.

Deviant Art member Steevin, aka Steevinlove, showed Ariel as her fish tail is transforming into human legs.

Artist Ashley Day portrayed Ariel making a phone call on a sea shell.

Artist Inna Vjuzhanina made a realistic portrayal of Disney’s Little Mermaid Ariel.

Deviant Art member MagicnaAnavi created a lovely version of the Little Mermaid that has been offered elsewhere online as PC screen wallpaper.

Digital artist Jeff Chapman created a Little Mermaid picture showing her as a fun-loving undersea beauty.
There are many other good examples of sexy Ariel/Little Mermaid art online. But as is often the case, identifying the artist can be difficult once a work spreads across the Internet.

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