Monday, July 20, 2015

Disney princesses as plus-sized ladies, ‘League of Legends’ characters and raptors

While some artists like to turn Disney princesses into sex sirens, others like to use the fairytale characters to make social statements or mash them into other stories or settings.
For example, a service for pregnant mothers in Portugal featured Snow White with seven young children with the slogan “An early pregnancy is no fairy tale.” Check out the public service ad from Ajuda de Mae up top and more ads featuring fairytale characters in a roundup by Demortalz.

The Huffington Post U.K. created some artwork that showed “What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Weren’t Thin.” Portrayed as plus-sized ladies, the princesses still “look pretty damn good,” HuffPo writer Alanna Vagianos wrote. That’s debatable.

The HuffPo also portrayed the Disney princesses if they were much older. It used illustrations by Tiara Chiaramonte.
OK, things get weird from here.

Cosmopolitan magazine commissioned artist Isaiah Stephens to portray the Disney princes as Magic Mike strippers entertaining their ladies.

Artist Elasar Reem presented the Disney princesses as if they were characters in the “League of Legends” video game.

Artist Laura Cooper mashed up Disney princesses with “Jurassic World” and depicted the ladies as velociraptors.

Artist Gemma Correll poked fun of all the Disney princess reimaginings with a comic that showed them as pinup girls, Australasian land mammals, root vegetables and prokaryotic microorganisms.
Others have gone for laughs with Disney parodies as well.
CollegeHumor did “If Disney Princesses Had Moms.”
The Onion posted a fake news article last month titled, “Disney Unveils First Virgin Princess.”
And finally comedian Amy Schumer showed the drawbacks of being a fairytale princess in a comedy sketch called “Princess Amy.”

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