Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tattooed Little Mermaid art

In my last post, I wrote about how pop culture artists like to sex up the Little Mermaid, aka Ariel, in their depictions of the character.
There is a subset of artists who like to present Ariel as a sexy hipster with lots of tattoos.
What follows is a review of some of that artwork available online.
Artist Emmanuel Viola created a set of Disney princess art that reimagines them as hipsters with tattoos. (See his version of Ariel above.) Check out his website.

Artist Turtle Chan made Ariel a buxom hipster with tats, big glasses and a starfish hair pin.

Deviant Art member Robaato made a pinup style portrait of “an older, more well-endowed Hipster Ariel.”

Deviant Art member Scottssketches made his version of “Slutty Ariel.”

Deviant Art member Karolina Jedrzejak, aka RinRinDaishi, did this version of the Little Mermaid called “Punk Ariel” in 2013. She did a new version of the subject this year to show her improvement as an artist.

Deviant Art member Andrahilde did a pinup style poster of Ariel with the caption “Whenever I get wet, I turn back into a mermaid.”

Comic book artist Tom Hodges did a punk version of Ariel with a bad-ass haircut.

Artist John Sullivan, aka Sullyman, did a tattooed mermaid pinup.

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