Friday, July 3, 2015

Twitter ad responses entertaining

Twitter is a business, so it has to make money. As a heavy Twitter user, I’ve accepted sponsored ads showing up in my Twitter feed. In fact, sometimes they’re pretty entertaining. Not the ads themselves, but the responses.
My Twitter feed has seen ads from Scientology and Hillary Clinton, even though I support neither. They prompted a lot of vitriolic responses.
The other day my feed featured an ad for Coca-Cola with TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest.
Even a beloved brand like Coke and a popular (though polarizing) celebrity like Seacrest prompted a lot of sarcastic and mean responses.

Here are a few:

To be clear, does sharing a Coke with Ryan Seacrest mean I’ve won or lost this contest?
– Scott Carroll ‏@sherlock1313

I would rather share one with Charlie Manson.
– Thomas Townley ‏@kingtownley

I wanna share a beer with Ryan ... And then bust it over his head.
– David Ortiz ‏@daveortiz352

Share a Coke with someone you hate and whose stomach you hope will rot out!
– Gamer SeƱora ‏@ezejensen

You mean share diabetes with him?
– Kevin H ‏@The_Heier_Power

Yes I would like to share a cock with Ryan Seacrest.
– Cheeks ‏@MyNameIsCheeks

Well I know what nightmare I’ll be having tonight
– HunteronKrock ‏@HunteronKROCK

No thanks – The bottle would probably be covered in glittery lip balm and jasmine-scented hand lotion after Ryan.
– Mr Funkman ‏@ChicagoFunkman

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