Monday, March 27, 2017

Clickbait cuties: The sexy sirens of sponsored articles

Content promotion services like Taboola and Outbrain often return to the same sexy women for photos to promote their clickbait articles.
I’ve called Russian glamour model Anastasia Kvitko “the cover girl for lying clickbait” for how often different photos of her are used with lying clickbait articles. But there are other pretty ladies that clickbait articles have relied on repeatedly.
This article will focus on two more clickbait favorites: Claire Abbott and Rachel Wray.

Claire Abbott

Pictures of Claire Abbott were featured recently in several Yahoo sponsored posts titled “Photos from jaw-dropping actresses from the past!” However, Abbott is not an actress and is very much a modern phenomenon.
Abbott is an aspiring singer-songwriter-musician from Canada. But she came to fame for her sexy Instagram photos. She has since deleted her Instagram account, but has active accounts on YouTube and Twitter.
She also has lots of fans online, including a Reddit page and pictorials on SneakHype and Lurk & Perv. Nuff said.

Rachel Wray

Rachel Wray is a stunning former cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs turned mixed martial arts fighter.
She has been the featured photo recently with an Outbrain sponsored article titled “14 athletes who make Kim Kardashian look plain.”
Unlike Abbott, Wray doesn’t have a public social media presence. She currently works as a continuous improvement training coordinator at Tyson Foods and a coach at a UFC Gym in Springdale, Arkansas.

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