Saturday, March 11, 2017

Disney princesses reimagined as Warhammer 40K space marines, wookies and potatoes

There’s no end to the creativity of pop culture artists when it comes to reinventing characters we all know and love.
I’ve written many times about how artists like to mash up Disney princesses with other entertainment properties or take twisted looks at the fairytale icons.
Here’s a few more examples for you to enjoy.
Australian game developer and artist Emre Deniz portrayed several Disney princesses (see Ariel up top) as space marines from “Warhammer 40,000,” a tabletop miniature wargame. (See article by GeekTyrant.)
Artist Michael Nozinich reimagined several Disney princesses as wookies from the Star Wars movie series. Here’s wookie Merida, for example. (See GeekTyrant article.)

Cosplayers Elizabeth Rage and Dan Young played Beauty and the Beast by way of Star Wars. (See GeekTyrant article.)

Artist C. Cassandra portrayed the Disney princesses as having real-life hair problems, not their magically perfect locks from the movies. Here’s Pocahontas. (See GeekTyrant article.)

Speaking of real-life, Boston artist Isaiah Keith Stephens created illustrations of Disney princesses as mothers. Here’s Belle breast-feeding her not-so-beastly baby. (See article by the Daily Mail.)

OK, now for a couple of humorous entries.
Clickbait parody website Clickhole whitewashed five princesses of color for an article titled “5 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Caucasian.” Check out Pocahontas as a white girl.

And finally, some jokester posted a series of photos on Imgur that reimagined the Disney princesses as potatoes. (See article by GeekTyrant.) Here’s Elsa from “Frozen” as a potato.

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