Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Instagram: The new home for viral photo collections

Several years ago, when someone had a collection of related photos or artwork to share with the public, they created a website on Blogger.
That gave way to Tumblr blogs, which were easier to create. But Tumblr fell out of favor because it got a reputation for deleting websites under its heavy-handed enforcement of alleged copyright complaints. (Tumblr has zero respect for fair use claims.)
After that, people took to Twitter and Facebook to share their curated photos and artwork.
Now, the go-to web service for sharing such collections is Facebook-owned Instagram.
Probably the best example of these collections is Rich Kids of Instagram and the many region-specific copycats, such as Rich Kids of London and Rich Kids of Singapore.
Two notable Instagram photo collections lately are Boyfriends of Instagram and Passenger Shaming.
Boyfriends of Instagram is dedicated to the unheralded heroes who take all those perfectly framed snaps of pretty women showing off on Instagram. (See articles on the Daily Mail and Mashable.)
Passenger Shaming features photos of inconsiderate jerks flying on commercial airplanes. (See article by the Daily Mail.)

Photos: Sample photos from Boyfriends of Instagram (top) and Passenger Shaming.

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