Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lying clickbait: Hot celebrity wives and daughters … not

There’s a flipside to content promotion services pushing articles that link celebrities to unrelated ugly people. Sometimes they link celebrities to unrelated attractive people.
Lately lying clickbait articles have tried to pass off sexy women as being the wives or daughters of celebrities when they’re not.
Here are some recent examples.
A Revcontent article titled “Denzel doesn’t talk about his daughter much. Here’s why” included photos of actor Denzel Washington and busty British model Jessica Mour. She’s not his daughter.

A sponsored article on Yahoo titled “Brett Favre’s daughter is stunning” included a photo of the quarterback next to a picture of glamour model Coco Austin. Coco is 38 and Favre is 47, so it’s unlikely she could be his daughter.

Another sponsored article on Yahoo titled “What happened to Brett Favre’s wife?” included photos of Favre and television personality Jenn Sterger.
Favre was never married to Sterger, though he was involved in a sexting scandal with Sterger when she was a New York Jets sideline reporter.

Finally, a Taboola sponsored article titled “After losing 220 lbs. Precious is gorgeous now” used photos of “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe and “Bad Girls Club” star Catya Washington. They are different people.

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hogdog said...

Oh God! How right u r! It’s ridiculous! There should b a law against this