Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Clickbait favorites: Sexy female celebrities for sponsored articles

Clickbait purveyors often use unknown or little known attractive women to promote their articles. But sometimes they use celebrities past and present.
I’ve previously reported about the fixation content marketing services have with Brigitte Bardot. She was a ridiculously beautiful woman when she was making movies from 1952 to 1973.
Her photos create curiosity among young male web surfers who likely aren’t familiar with the French sex kitten. (See also “Lying clickbait: Brigitte Bardot photos were never ‘classified’” and “Lying clickbait: Pretty women as the honeypot.”)

The same holds for actress Jane Fonda. She was a striking beauty in her youth and millennials are probably unfamiliar with her.
She also was a controversial figure during the Vietnam War for showing support for the enemy of the U.S. She earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” after visiting the North Vietnamese troops.

Another popular celebrity for clickbait articles is actress Milana Vayntrub, best known for her AT&T commercials, where she plays an AT&T store employee. (See photo at top.)

Other celebrities used in recent clickbait promos have included models Kate Upton and Gigi Hadid.
A photo of Upton was used for a clickbait article titled “The cameraman just kept recording.” It’s a still image from a sexy Easter video that Upton did for Love magazine. (See it here on YouTube.)

The picture of Hadid was used to promote an article titled “Photos from jaw-dropping actresses from the past.” However, Hadid is a model, not an actress, and she’s very much of the present.

Sometimes the celebrities are of the more obscure variety.
A Taboola sponsored article titled “33 eye-popping photos left out of history books” included a photo of Playboy magazine’s 1969 Playmate of the Year, Connie Kreski. Kreski is pictured with a pink Ford Shelby Mustang GT-500 that she received as one of her gifts for winning the title.

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