Sunday, July 7, 2013

10 interesting websites: HuffPo Spoilers, CDZA, Dear Photograph and more

Last week, I wrote about 10 fun and informative websites. Now I’m back with 10 more.

HuffPo Spoilers

HuffPo Spoilers is a Twitter account that provides the missing information to teaser tweets by the Huffington Post.
HuffPo uses Twitter to drive traffic to its news articles. It is notorious for tweets that leave out important details in order to generate clicks by creating mystery. HuffPo Spoilers tweets those missing details.
The creator of HuffPo Spoilers is Alex Mizrahi. (See articles by the New York Times, the Daily Caller and, of course, the Huffington Post.)

Amnesty International – Trial by Timeline

A Web application called Trial by Timeline from Amnesty International New Zealand scans your Facebook profile and determines how many times you’d be tortured or worse in various countries based on the things you say or do. (See article by Brandflakes for Breakfast.)

Dear Photograph

The website Dear Photograph describes itself thusly: “Take a picture of a picture, from the past, in the present.”
People hold up snapshots from years earlier at the same location where they were taken and shoot a composite digital image. The results mix the past with the present in a fascinating way.


Freelance photographer Michael Hughes likes to take photos of souvenirs in front of the famous landmarks they depict. An avid traveler, Hughes has taken pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Giza pyramids and Statue of Liberty blocked by their souvenir representations. He has a Flickr collection titled Souvenirs. (See articles by Brandflakes for Breakfast and PetaPixel.)

Kill Comic Sans

Design firm Agency Fusion really hates the typeface Comic Sans. It even created a Web-based game, called Kill Comic Sans, that lets people shoot the much despised font.

Oyster’s Photo Fakeouts

Hotel review website Oyster has put together a great series of photos comparing hotel marketing photos with more realistic photos. It exposes the tricks of the trade in Oyster’s Photo Fakeouts. (See article by CNN.)

Park Slope Family Circus

Erin Bradley lampoons the pretentious residents of New York City’s Park Slope neighborhood using comics. Bradley adds new captions to Family Circus comics to make fun of people in the snooty Brooklyn region in her blog Park Slope Family Circus. (See Huffington Post article.)


CDZA is a group of musicians that “creates musical video experiments.” The results are wonderful. My favorites are “Fresh Prince: Google translated” and “History of wooing men.” (See Wikipedia article.)

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a website full of amazing facts, interesting trivia, cool lists and other diversions.

Incredible Things 

Incredible Things is a website that highlights the many wacky products available online. In addition to actual products, Incredible Things showcases oddball designs.

Photos: Comic from Park Slope Family Circus (top), sample photo from Souvenirs, and Amnesty International’s Trial by Timeline.

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