Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cancun chimp photo: A picture is worth a thousand questions

CollegeHumor recently ran a funny photo of a chimpanzee sitting on a street curb with a tourist in Cancun, Mexico, making an obscene gesture with both hands at the photographer.
The post gives no information about the photo (shown above), except a funny headline and caption. It says, “Chimp Didn’t Choose The Thug Life, The Thug Life Chose Him.” You can tell where it was taken because there’s a sign for the Barcelo Costa Cancun hotel.
A chimp in Cancun is odd, I thought. Plus, there’s a guy in the photo with his arm around the chimp. I wouldn’t do that. Chimps are strong and can get very aggressive. A woman had her face ripped off by a pet chimp in Stamford, Conn., in 2009.
I wanted to find out more about the photo and the chimp. I did a reverse image search on Google but couldn’t find the origin of the picture. It’s been posted many times online since at least May 2012. But as is usually the case with such viral photos, finding out where it came from can be very difficult.
The photo has been posted to websites like Daily Picks and Flicks, EgoTV and
A search of Cancun chimp yielded information about the ape.
Koko the chimp and her owner were detained and arrested by officials from Profepa, the environmental inspection agency for Mexico in September 2010, TripAdvisor reported. Koko had been a fixture on the Cancun scene, with tourists paying to take photos with the animal. The chimp was known for sharing drinks and smoking cigarettes.
Endless Tours provided more information about Koko and her owner in May 2011. Hopefully Koko is in a better place now.


J. Kelley said...

Well, she is not. I had visited Koko for at least 8 years and got to know her "dad" pretty well. It was a very different situation then some lady from Connecticut. She had no wear near thenough same experience. Koko was with her dad for about 25 years, slept in her own room and only took pictures to help pay for her food. When she was ready do be done, or getting tired he said sorry Koko is done and the time to go home now...I heard this many, many times over the years..

J. Kelley said...

Please contact me for alot more info if interested. I just had the a ton of info erased...:-(

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