Friday, July 26, 2013

Sexy Tinker Bell art

Continuing the theme of pop culture artists making female fairytale characters sexy, here are some depictions of Tinker Bell.
I’m a huge fan of comic book artist J. Scott Campbell. Here’s his illustration of Tinker Bell (top photo) from the upcoming 2014 Fairytale Fantasies calendar. (Check out his online store and DeviantArt page.)

Artist Nathan Seals portrayed a top-heavy Tinker Bell for his work “Tink Stuck in the Keyhole.” (Check out his webpage and DeviantArt page.)

Fernando Carvalho created this drawing of a curvaceous Tinker Bell in a green bikini.

Fabbrica dei Sogni of Italy made this picture of sexy Tink with a come-hither look.

And finally, check out the work of artist Justin “HungJudas” on DeviantArt. He colored a drawing of “Bad Tinkerbell” by Mike Springer.

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