Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bonnie McKee’s ‘American Girl’ could bring waves of foreign men to U.S.

Bonnie McKee’s hit summer song “American Girl” could inspire a flood of foreign men to invade the U.S. seeking sex-starved young U.S. women.
The tune is like an advertisement for America’s lovely ladies. The song is the first single from McKee’s upcoming album. McKee is a veteran songwriter, having penned hits for Katy Perry, Britney Spears and others. (Check out her official website and Wikipedia article.)
The song paints a portrait of young women who like to drink alcohol and are ready to party and do the nasty, according to lyrics posted to Direct Lyrics.
I just keep moving my body (yeah)
I’m always ready to party (yeah)
No I don’t listen to mommy (yeah)
And I’ll never say that I’m sorry 
She sings that she’s a “hot-blooded, all-American girl” who is “ready to go.”
“Put the key into my ignition.” Really subtle, Bonnie.
Time to beef up our border security to keep all the horny foreign men out.

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