Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fairytale princesses reimagined as superheroes, college students, sloths

Pop culture artists have reimagined Disney princesses as Pokemon trainers, lonely housewives, horror characters and Star Wars slave girls.
What follows are some other interpretations of these classic fairytale princesses.
Artist Aegis Kitty created a series of drawings that put Disney princesses in superhero costumes. Up top is Snow White dressed as Wonder Woman, who she dubs “Wonder White.” She calls the series Super Disney. (See article by Laughing Squid.)

DeviantArt user Hyung86 designed Disney characters as college students for his series called Disney University. For example, here’s Cinderella. (See article by Laughing Squid.)

Yehudi Mercado portrayed the fairytale ladies as street fighters for his Princess Fighter series. See Tanker Bell above.

Illustrator Phillip Light created a funny series that reimagines Disney princesses as sloths. Here’s Slotherella. (See article by Laughing Squid.)

Street artist Herr Nilsson created “Dark Princesses,” a collection of traditionally innocent Disney princesses wielding knives and guns in dark alleys and under bridges around Stockholm, according to Laughing Squid.

Illustrator Claire Hummel has made a collection of more historically accurate Disney Princesses wearing clothing from the time periods in which their movies are set. For example, here’s Snow White. Check out Hummel’s DeviantArt gallery. (See articles by Laughing Squid and GeekTyrant.)

Artist Hannah-Alexander made a series of Disney princess illustrations in the style of Alphonse Mucha with a touch of manga. Here’s Snow White. (See article by GeekTyrant.)

Amy Mebberson has created a series of humorous comics called Pocket Princesses. (See article by GeekTyrant.)

And finally, here’s a reworking of the Snow White tale called “Walt Dizzey’s Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins.” The artwork is signed “Alan Hutchinson ’82.” Unfortunately I can’t find anything on the Internet about the artist or more about this work. If you have any more information, please let me know.

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